Introducing the amazing T:Clear for salons & clinics


Virtually Painless Tattoo Removal and Nail Fungus Removal



Advanced leading technology offering increased power and stability for Tattoo Removal and Nail Fungus Treatments.

UK Laser Tattoo Removal Machine - Simple

and delivers a fast & effective treatment


Harnessing the power of Q-Switched lasers which are considered by dermatologists to be the most advanced and efficient way of removing coloured tattoos and pigmentation with consistently predictable results and widely acknowledged as a gold standard.

Medical Grade Device

Minimal Space Table Top

Result Driven Treatments

High Return on Investment






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What Makes Us  Stand Out?

Premium Warranty

18 Month Warranty, Dedicated Account Manager


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How It Works

T:Clear utilises the latest Q-switch ND: YAG Laser technology, which radiates specific wavelengths of light in super high peak energy pulses. In ultra-short nano-seconds, the light penetrates the particular tissue and is absorbed by the pigmentation resulting in an instantaneous explosion.


The pigment particles are shattered into fragments, and parts of them will be expelled from the skin. The remainder is safely removed via the natural lymphatic system. Ideal for use on epidermal and dermal pigmented areas.




  • Dual powered - Dual Wave Length (532nm & 1064nm)

  • Advanced technology

  • Virtual Pain-Free Treatments = More Comfortable treatments              

  • Suitable for all Skin Types - including Tanned Skin 

  • High Repetition Rate = Faster Treatments

  • High Power = More Effective     

  • ABS Medical Grade Construction 

Training & Support

Our goal is for you to succeed, which is why we offer premium training and support. Our technology has been designed with the user in mind, so it is easy to use.

Our training program will ensure that you feel confident performing  treatments to succeed on your own.

Our support goes further than just training; we supply our machines with a custom marketing pack which contains everything you need to promote your new treatment service.

DJC Aesthetic Technologies is a UK company, so if you ever run into any difficulties, we’re just a phone call away. 

What's Included


1 X T:Clear Device

1 X T:Clear 1064nm Adaptor

1 X T:Clear 532nm Adaptor

1 X Eye Goggles

1 X User Manual

Starter Pack & Point of Sale


100 X Custom Tri Fold Client Leaflets

1 X Custom T:Clear (Male) A1 Poster

1 X Custom T:Clear (Female) A1 Poster

1 X Custom Reception Promotional Banner

What is T:Clear Ideal For?


  • Fast Virtually Pain-Free Tattoo Removal

  • Nail Fungus Treatment   

  • Epidermal and Dermal Pigmented Lesions

  • Tattoo Removal: Red, Black, Brown, Blue,    Yellow, Orange & Green

  • Semi-Permanent Make up Removal 

Expected Revenue

What can I earn?

Prices based on a UK average 


 Depending on well you market your business, these are just guide lines. 

Obviously you could charge more as some people do.


Small treatment area at £59 per session.

No. of treatments
sold per month

per month

per Year

cost per year

Gross Profit






Why Choose T:Clear


» A complete approach to the problem

» Prescriptive to your clients needs

» Experience in operating a successful clinic

» Friendly customer care 

» Highly profitable

» No exercise required post treatment

» National PR and clinic support campaign

» Free training.

Delivery / Warranty

» Free UK Mainland Delivery

» 18 Months  Warranty

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Patient treatment results will vary depending on the individual and their bodies natural reaction to the treatment or life style