Introducing the amazing Lumis ICE IPL Home Use Device


Virtually Painless IPL Device for 4 skin tones for home use.

Lumis ICE IPL is the most effective way to treat unwanted hair, treating multiple body areas. one session every 6 weeks is needed to catch hairs in their growth cycle.  Our new and improved device has a non-invasive procedure that renews skin tone and texture and weakening the hair regrowth, smooth finish.

Enjoy professional results at the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Elevating home use laser hair removal, reducing defining skin tone and texture to the next level with the latest medical-grade device.

Versatility in both design and performance, treating the face, body, and legs




Medical Grade Device

Lightweight & Portable

Noticeable Results

Home Use Device


4 Skin Tones

9 Levels



Lamp Life

ICE Technology

3 Attachments

LED Display

Lumis ICE IPL_6
Lumis ICE IPL_8
Lumis ICE IPL_5
Lumis ICE IPL_2

What Makes Us  Stand Out?

Premium Warranty

12 Month Warranty, Dedicated Account Manager


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How It Works


1. Use a razor to

shave the hair that

needs to be removed

2. Press and hold the

power button, 

to turn on

3. Adjust the desired

level suitable for your

hair removal area

4. You need to wear

the supplied protective

glasses while operating

to protect your eyes

5. Place the Lumis ICE IPL

vertically and level on 

the skin and the press

the applicator button

6. Refer to the 

enclosed instruction 

manual for additional


Hair Cycle

1-2 Weeks

(3 times a week)

Hair starts to 


slowly Hair 

reduction by

more than 75%

3-4 Weeks

(2 times a week)

Hair starts to become

more finer

4 Weeks or More

(Once a month)

Use as and when needed

if their is still 

some patchy hair


Skin Tone Chart



Using high-efficiency light filter, multi-layer UV reduces 

harmful  light rays and radiation, leaving effective 

safe light treating the hair follicle, complete with an 

integrated Quartz cooling lamp.

Lumis ICE IPL a new technology for achieving permanent hair removal which is having fantastic success.

By incorporating Quartz Tip and FCA Technology, this treatment gradually heats the dermis with OPT square-wave pulse and passed over the tissue multiple times using low energy but a high rate of repetition (up to 10HZ) Whereas most eight systems use 1HZ, ours adopts 690~950nm wavelength, penetrate directly into the hair follicle. It speeds up the treatment, saves time, reduces pain, and more effective.


By heating the dermis to target temperature gradually, this damages the hair follicles and prevents-growth efficiently, while avoiding injury or trauma to the s surrounding skin tissue.


A high repetition rate of single pulses is delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, attain virtual pain-free treatment.


The Procedure 

There is no need for the treatment area is topically numbed with anesthetic so the procedure can start straight away.


What's Included


1 x Lumis ICE IPL Device

1 x 3 Cartridge Heads

1 x User Manual

1 x  Cable Cable



  • Virtually Painless treatments


  • Lightweight medical ABS Plastic


  • Fingertip control


  • One-hand operation


  • Quick-release  head applicator change


  • Advanced technology

What Is Lumis ICE IPL Ideal For?


  • Virtually Painless Hair Reduction

  • Smooth & Hair Free 

Why Choose Lumis ICE IPL


» A complete approach to the problem

» Prescriptive to your client's needs

» Experience in operating a successful clinic

» Friendly customer care 

» Comfort of your home own

» No Salons or Appoitments  

Delivery / Warranty

» UK Mainland Delivery

» 12 months  Warranty

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Patient treatment results will vary depending on the individual and their bodies natural reaction to the treatment or life style