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 Freeze Sculpting  is the latest advancements in Fat Freezing technology, Clinically & Scientifically Proven to work on targeted stubborn fat areas.



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Fat Freezing



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Freeze Sculpting


  • Super High resolution, LCD touch screen

  • High-resolution LCD display screens on handset

  • Automatic self-cleaning, with fast waste gel pad tank

  • Integrated handset holder makes machine user friendly.

  • Easy to adjust, setup and deliver treatments

  • Cyclonic massage system

  • Small and light, ideal for mobile therapists

  • Advanced technology for guaranteed results

Freeze Sculpting


  • Super High resolution, LCD touch screen

  • SuperChillTM, Adjustable cooling to -15°C

  • Cyclonic massage system

  • HeatFlowTM automatically delivers cooling & heat to heat skin tissue, avoiding frostbite

  • Dual & Quad Action handsets allow 2 or 4 treatments to be simultaneously provided

  • Integrated handset holders makes machine clean and tidy

  • Easy to adjust, setup and deliver treatments

  • Advanced technology for guaranteed results


We all know that every one comes in different shapes and sizes, that why we offer an array of different size applicators for different areas of the body.

Small Applicator


This handset is designed to treat small areas such as bingo wings or the back of the legs to an extended treatment zone.

Width: 5mm
Length: 9cm
Area: 26cm2

Medium Applicator


The medium applicator is one of the most commonly used applicators, perfect for treatments delivered to the waistline or the more targeted areas of larger treatment zones.

Width: 5cm
Length: 13cm
Area: 67cm2

Large Applicator


The large applicator is used to cover popular treatment zones, which includes the stomach, thighs and flanks. Its generous dimensions allow a single treatment to cover the whole area.

Width: 6cm
Length: 14cm
Area: 170cm2

Treatment Pictures

They say seeing is believing, and rightly so, we normally say 6 – 12 weeks for results to show, but believe it or not, some people see results with in 4 weeks!

Fat in the treatment troublesome area is visually and measurably reduced 6-12 weeks after treatment, but the results can keep developing up to 16 weeks after application.


The fat which is ‘frozen’ is broken down by crystallisation and then removed by the body’s natural process

Our Technologies

To truly understand our technologies, please read to find our more.



The New SuperChill digital cooling system from LipoLove brand enables stable constant freezing. This offers incredible levels of cooling, dropping the system as low as -9°C & -10°C in seconds. this is what ‘freezes’ the fat, offering those incredible LoveLipoICE results!


HeatFlo enables the system to provide heat to the skin tissue during a treatment, enabling better blood circulation as opposed to the fat cells that are being cooled.


This makes the skin softer, allowing for a enhanced treatment, and help prevents frostbite.

Cyclonic Massage


Cyclonic feature enables an even constant vacuum suction pressure. 

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Patient treatment results will vary depending on the individual and their bodies natural reaction to the treatment or life style